Carolina Hum confirmed for Open Tuning 2014

Carolina Hum

CarolinaHum_Photo (2)

Carolina Hum is the sound of two ladies finding a home inside warm melodies while also dealing out harmonies — card shark style.
Carolina Hum is the sound of two people finally finding a place for their love of harmony and warm melodies. After experiencing similar uneasiness in bands that reached too far outside their comfort zones (traditional folk music and electronic music, respectively), Laura Inostroza and Alie Lavoie sat down for their first musical session in the summer of 2013. It was immediately apparent that this was a different beast altogether – this was home.

The ladies brought shards of unfinished songs to each other, finding it surprisingly easy but no less fulfilling to craft full-bodied creations from the musical scraps. They began writing entirely new pieces that drew from all the uncertain and restless forces that had shaped their recent months – wanderlust, nostalgia, creative frustration. Every song has been guided by a strangely innate understanding of how each voice, instrument, and emotion would play off of each other.

Despite having been together for such a short time, the group has already been well-received by Ottawa’s music community. Each performance brings with it a new artistic opportunity and a new pool of enthusiastic supporters eager to hear more.

Carolina Hum is quickly creating a small army of slow-burning, heart filling, room resonating songs. But most of all, these two young women are building something that finally feels like home.


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