It’s Free. It’s Unique. It’s DIY!

Energized by the success of the past two years, Open Tuning: A Free Music Festival is back! Once again, the streets of Toronto’s Seaton Village will explode with live music from all genres at unique venues across the neighbourhood.

20150620_125251Open Tuning is a free festival celebrating live music through creating, performing, experiencing, and listening. The 4th annual Open Tuning Music Festival will take place on June 10, 2017 in Seaton Village, a dynamic and diverse Toronto neighbourhood bordered by Bloor, Dupont, Bathurst, and Christie. Musicians from all genres, ages, and levels of experience are invited to self-register and perform at venues such as front porches, parks, alleyways, garages, and street corners throughout the neighbourhood.


  • OPEN TUNING 2017 happens on June 10
  • OPEN TUNING takes place in Seaton Village, a bustling Toronto neighbourhood, bordered by Dupont Ave., Bloor St., Bathurst St., and Christie St.
  • OPEN TUNING welcomes performers and listeners from everywhere to share a great day of music together – at no charge
  • OPEN TUNING 2017 included more than 100 artists at over 20 venues across the neighbourhood. The Festival  attracted musicians of every age, genre, experience and level,  from first timers and some timers to professionals and recording artists, including members of Toronto’s Broken Social Scene and Jane Siberry.
  • OPEN TUNING was founded in 2014 by a group of local residents, inspired by la fête de la musique in Paris, France
  • OPEN TUNING is completely free and entirely volunteer run, with no paid advertising or corporate sponsorship or compensation of any kind



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