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How Does Hosting your own stage at Open Tuning Festival Work? homescape.png

Know some musicians?  Got a porch, garage, storefront or front lawn, unique or great idea?  You’re on your way! 

Hosting your own Venue is an amazingly cool way to spend your afternoon and/or evening, presenting live music and performers to appreciative audiences and participating in this unique community-driven event.

Use the form below to get in touch and let us know your details.

2015 VENUE: R4 – Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae

We promote all of our Open Tuning Venues through social media, posters and location maps (on day of event) and can even help out with musician recruitment if need be.

We will also be offering a pre-festival ‘Sound System Workshop’ where DIY Venue Operators can get professional tips and advice on what kind of PA or sound system gear you’ll need, how to assemble and operate it to optimize your venue’s resonance. 


Info we’ll need from you 

  1. Your Venue’s name (something snappy!) :
  2. Music genres? (if applicable):
  3. Acoustic or electric?:
  4. Time period (between 2pm-9pm):
  5. Venue Address/location:
  6. Main Contact name:
  7. Main Contact email:
  8. Cell phone:
  9. Sound person or secondary contact(if applicable):
  10. Secondary Cell number:

+ Let us know if you will need help finding musicians to fill open time slots.

Finally, all Open Tuning Venues must agree to the Venue_Charter that we will also forward to you, once we review your details (just so that you know, we also ask that all Open Tuning performers agree to our musicians charter).

Contact us with your Venue information – or let us know if you have any Venue questions.


2016 Festival Venue Map/List (PDF) available here.

2015 Festival Main Venues List available here.