Schedule Venue 3: Palmerston Market

Venue 3: Palmerston Market

721 Palm-mktPalmerston Avenue
Toronto, M6G 2R2     map

10am: Electric Dust MitesToy robots invade an abandoned clock repair workshop

12:30pm: ConcentusCello Quartet

1pm: Paul Sheridan – Folk, Country, Irish

2pm: Reid Pickering – Roots, Rock, Folk

2:30pm:  Sophia Hong – Contemporary Pop Singer

3pm: Abdominal and The Obliques – Hip-Hop/Blues

4pm: Bob Mullan –  Indie

5pm: Luke Vajsar– Experimental

6pm: Tom Eastland – Folk Rock 7pm: Derek Christie TrioTorch Roots

8pm: Hwy 145 – Folk

9pm:   MiKeys – Indie/Pop/Folk


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