Reserve your Open Tuning 2018 Slot today!

Welcome to all the Musicians who are interested in performing at this year’s 5th annual OPEN TUNING Music Festival that will take place on June 9th, 2018, in Seaton Village, downtown  Toronto.

Last Year’s  Festival line-up hosted over 130 acts – musicians of every age, genre, experience and level, with youth bands and first time performers, sometime players and seasoned professionals.  They shared their songs and sounds for the love of music at numerous creative venues throughout Seaton Village neighbourhood.

Organizers are already preparing for our 5th annual Festival on June 9, 2018. Simply read and agree to the  Open Tuning Musicians Charter and then register here + follow us for updates: 


Open Tuning works to ensure as much involvement as possible from underrepresented communities. In particular, in our selection process, we will be prioritizing artists who identify with Indigenous, immigrant, Black, refugee, racialized, disabled and LGBT communities.

*Performers must read and agree to the  Open Tuning Musicians Charter. *

QUESTIONS?   Contact us:

 List of 2017 Festival Performers 
List of 2016 Festival Performers 
List of 2015 Festival Performers
 List of 2014 Festival Performers

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