Musicians Charter

By deciding to be a performer at the Open Tuning Festival, I agree to and acknowledge the following:

  1. Open Tuning is a free event, with no corporate sponsorship. I will not be compensated for my involvement in the festival. I’m playing for the love of music and my support of community-building.
  2. I understand that because there is no corporate funding, the festival may not be able to provide equipment to musicians and bands. Whenever possible, we are encouraged to bring our own gear and respect any gear provided.
  3. Open Tuning is open to performers and audience members of all ages. I will be sensitive to the diversity of ages and backgrounds of potential audience members, and will choose my material to ensure that it is appropriate for this broad range.
  4. Open Tuning is an inclusive event at which racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive language and lyrics will not be tolerated
  5. I recognize that some performers and audience members may face accessibility challenges. I will make every effort to accommodate those who need assistance.
  6. The Seaton Village neighbourhood is opening its porches, alleyways, and sidewalks to this event. I will encourage respect for the residents and their properties.
  7. I will participate with a sense of respect for the concept, a collaborative spirit with my neighbours, and patience for the organizers and performers.
  8. I will help spread to the word to make Open Tuning a success so that we can do it all again next year!