2015 Venues

On June 20th 2015, Open Tuning Venues’ schedules will showcase over 70 performers.

# VENUE (click for Schedule) Address
VENUE_0 VERMONT PARK Park Near Palmerston & Olive Ave’s (MAP: 43.670568, -79.415238)
Facing onto Follis Ave., behind 968, Bathurst, Toronto, ON Canada M6G 1S3 (MAP)
VENUE_2 KARMA CO-OP Stage is by the  main entrance, in lane behind 739 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON M6G 2R3 (MAP: 43.668238, -79.414447)
VENUE_3 PALMERSTON MARKET Corner Store: 721 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, M6G 2R2 (MAP)
VENUE_4 MARKs GARAGE BAND ALLEY Garage in lane that runs south off of Barton between Palmerston and Euclid (MAP: 43.667294, -79.415322)
VENUE_5  99 BARTON AVE Front Porch at 99 Barton Ave., Toronto, ON M6G 1P8 (MAP)
VENUE_6 Roots, Rockers, Rappers & Reggae Lane in front of 426 Clinton Street, Toronto, M6G 2Z2 (MAP)
VENUE_7 JAPAS YOGA Corner of Bloor/Clinton: 692 Bloor St W Toronto, M6G 1L4 (MAP)
VENUE_8 KOP’S GARAGE Garage behind Kop’s Record Store 592 Bloor Street W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4 (MAP)
VENUE_9 M.A.D. Porch Jam 416 Clinton Street, Toronto, ON M6G 2Z2 (MAP)
VENUE_10 20 PALMERSTON GARDENS  Front Porch at 20 Palmerston Gardens, Toronto, ON M6G 1V9 (MAP)
VENUE_11  GARAGE OF BANDS  new! 846 Palmerstston Ave., Toronto, ON M6G 2S1-  alley behind the house  (MAP)

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