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Saturday, June 10th, 2pm – 10pm.

This 4th annual free urban music festival features seasoned professionals, first timers and some-timers, who will entertain from community hosted venues such as porches, alleyways, garages, street corners and parks.  Full line-up of all performers below. 

Venues  start to go live at 2pm with over 30 simultaneous stages running throughout the afternoon and evening until 9pm, when everyone gathers in Vermont Park for final performances and a group sing-along.  


Audiences can explore and discover the festival line-up using our handy event app on SCHED or by visiting this year’s interactive Google map below.

The Festival’s full schedule is now available at


Click on a venue location to see that venues line-up for the day:

OPEN TUNING 2017 Performer List

321 Sleep Kyle Nuyten and Cory Feigen
Amanie Illfated Larry Koch
Amir Brandon Leaving Esmeralda
Andy Sharp Lindsay Czitron
Annex Academy of Music Students Little Fire (AKA Problem A)
Aruna Antonella Handa Longtime Listener
Bandage Luke Vajsar
Beatrice Sohler Margo Pain
Black Suit Devil Mike Philips
BobbySucks Milla Sanchez
Braden Folks Mohammad Ali, the Socialist Vocalist
Braden Foulke Moscow Apartment
Brighid Fry Nancy White and Suzy Wilde
Brother Paul O, Sunny Bee
Callie Deacon (age 15) Pancho and Lefty
Captiol Behaviour Paul Sheehan
Castro Radio phantom femme
Christine Miller Philomene
Concentus Pretox
Copper Crown Quinton Cochran
Cord Progressions Quinton Cochran
Crimson Lotus Ralphie Boy
Curt Murder Rasamataz Sparkle Band
Dal Hotel Ravyn Red
Darling Cora Real Deal roots and blues
David Stone Red Racer
Day Raccoon Rob Dixon
Dead Walls Robert Davis
Deanna Drudge Robert Davis Blues
Derek Christie Rockford
Didi Mau Romes
Dillon, Dillon & Howe RUM FIT MOSEY
Dirty Dishes russell leon
Ellen and Friends Scarlett’s Hand
Emily Rockarts Seaton Village People
Emily Rose Sheldon Holder Music
Eric and Zeul Socal Mystics
Fear The Deer Sofia Hong
Floating Floors Soozi Music
Floodgates Sora Sato-Mound & Hannah Marshman
FTFF- For The. Future’s Future Sounds of Stories
Full Bore Blues Duo Sparrow Songs, etcetera (Tom Bellman and guests doing originals + covers)
Funk Logic St. Alban’s Concert Band
Funk the System Stan Simon
GEN-X Stephen York kate Morley
Grass Grows Back Students of Suzy Wilde
greg clarke and the madvarks Taddle Creek Underground
GRP – Government Rock Picnic Taildragger
Gumbo Nixon Talking in our sleep
Gummi Bear Pulse Tape Eagles
Gummi Bear Pulse Taurus
Hayley Ryerson Tequila Nosedive
Heart Sass The Allnighters
Highway 145 The Beresfords
Hungry Lake The Brothers Legere
Ice Wino (original comedy songs by Peter Steen) The Centraal
Icy Heights The Dropout
Invisiboys (Micah Rakoff-Bellman & Alex Rochon-Thierry) The Groove Muffins
Isaac Kabongo The Jay Dee Band
Isabel and the Uncommons The Jeff Experience
Isabella Tapia The Richard Malouin Band
Jade Wan The Silk Roots
Jean Pauls Dad The Sore Boozers
Jeremy von Hollen The Starfires
John Shisko Band The Vermontinis
Joseph Sengco Tom Bellman jazz ensemble
Joseph Sengco students Tom Smarda
Kai & Riley (Give a Jam) Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Assn.
Katepwa Tylor Jay Santos
Kayt Lucas Band When We Was Young
Kingdom of Birds Wil Mccauley& Friends
Kitchen Orkestra Wilson & The Cast Aways
Know Yuseddit Brothers
Kurtis + The Crosswinds

List of 2016 Festival Performers 

List of 2015 Festival Performers

 List of 2014 Festival Performers

All performers must read and agree to the  Open Tuning Musicians Charter