We Need Help!

Open Tuning Organizers are pleased to announce our Crowdfunding Campaign launch on GofundMe.com

For the past two years, Open Tuning – a Free Music Festival – has operated on a shoestring budget, funded entirely out of volunteer organizers’ own pockets. But now we need help to cover the growing costs associated with a growing festival.

11326781_840094629413397_1566794176_nIn 2015, we saw a 50% increase in the number of acts, performing in front of audiences that we estimate doubled from the previous year. And while it’s fantastic to see the festival grow, we are at the point where we need additional operating funds to help manage our success.

Many of you already know that Open Tuning’s philosophy is to  remain 100% Free, independent and community driven – no advertising, no sponsors and organized by volunteers with no compensation of any kind.  In keeping with this spirit, 100% of  funds raised will go directly to pay for festival expenses.
-By giving what you can, you help offset the costs of things like poster printing, park permits and renting sound equipment that actually works to make all our fabulous musicians (who also donate their talents for free) sound as good as possible at neighbourhood venues.

You can help Open Tuning 2016 be an even greater Festival by giving what you can at:


CORWD FUND 2016_Post_Card

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